ATP Jet Center - Daytone Beach, FL

ATP Jet CenterFixed Base Operator (FBO) at Daytona Beach Int'l Airport

Quick, friendly, full-service FBO with the best fuel price!

Since 1984, thousands of professional pilots have come to ATP Flight School for career-oriented flight training. ATP opened its first FBO facility at Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB) in October, 2009. In addition to all the standard FBO amenities, ATP Jet Center offers the best fuel price with an internet pricing guarantee. dealer of EPIC Fuels, accepting AvCard and Multi Service. Hangar space is available with fuel discounts for base customers.

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A First-Class Experience ATP Jet Center Services and Amenities

Catering to the private aircraft community, ATP Jet Center offers a unique and elegant experience for all pilots and travelers — with an impressive collection of best-in-class facilities and personal services designed to answer your every need.

Ground Support and Line Services

  • The Best Fuel Price with Online Pricing Guarantee
    • Full & Self-Service 100LL
    • Full-Service JET-A
  • JET-A Single-Point Truck
  • JET-A Dual / Overwing Truck
  • Battery Ground Power
  • Jet Start
  • Secure Ramp & Tie-Downs
  • Corporate & T-Hangar Rentals
  • MultiService Cards Accepted
  • Air Group AV Card Accepted
  • Visa Cards Accepted
  • Mastercard Accepted
  • American Express Cards Accepted
  • Discover Cards Accepted

Pilot Amenities Relax and prepare for your next flight in our pilot lounge.

  • Internet Access
  • Computerized Weather
  • Flight Planning / Briefing Room
ATP Citation Jet Pilot's View

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ATP Jet Center offers a friendly, full-service FBO facility to support the complete needs of corporate, charter and general aviation pilots.

ATP Jet Center (KDAB)
Daytona Beach International Airport, Florida
Daytona Beach Skyline
Current Fuel Prices With Online Pricing Guarantee
100LL Self $6.51
100LL Full $6.71
Jet A $6.46
Open 7 Days a Week (8AM to 8PM)

Self-Serve 100LL available 24/7

After-hours JET-A service gladly accommodated with a reservation.

What Others Have to Say… Reviews & Testimonials

CHEAPEST FUEL IN THE AREA!! I fly in and out of Daytona many times a week. I am always greeted with enthusiasm by Jon, Adam, and Jim. They gladly tow my plane around for me, provide me with the best service (Red Carpet!), and are always willing to go the extra mile. I enjoy it so much there that I now have a Hangar at ATP. As expected, the treatment hasn’t changed. Highly recommend!

— Sean Creighton

On Nov 21 we had to stay in Daytona overnight due to flat tire on landing with our Experimental N484BD. The people at ATP were friendly and helped us with finding hotel and arranged for a rental car for our two little dogs and us. Next day we were able to fuel up at reasonable price and flew home to KPMP Thank you for your help.

— Bulent and Doris Aliev

Pompano Bch, FL

I spent about 12 days at DAB finishing up my instrument rating. I was actually flying with an Instrument instructor from another flight school based elsewhere at DAB, but I had visited ATP Jet Center previously, so I continued to use them for this 12 day trip over the Christmas to New Years time period. I think my instructor was grinding his teeth a bit whenever I taxied my airplane into ATP, but even he admitted that his own school could not provide me with the service that ATP provided to me on a daily basis. For example, I took my written IFR test on Christmas Eve! Where else would someone have made a special trip in to work on Christmas Eve, for no extra pay, just to sit and wait for a student from another school take a written test?! They set me up with a rental/crew car for far less money than I could have rented it from the counters, treated me like I was an honored guest each day and even entertained my wife in their pilots lounge while I was off taking my IFR oral exam and my checkride. They took wonderful care of my airplane and me. Sure, I bought gas there every day, but it was the best priced 100LL anywhere within 100 flying miles. The service that they provided to me was unparalleled. I absolutely could not be happier. They will be my FBO of choice each time I fly to DAB, and anywhere else I find an ATP Jet center.

— Phil Fisher

Stopped at ATP for their fuel prices and was very impressed on the service everyone that worked there was very nice. Will totally go back the next time I am down in Florida. Thanks!!!

— Robert Owen

I had to land At KDAB due to weather. I chose ATP, they are right off the end of the runway. WOW what a great friendly place. Let me explain. I landed, got fuel at the self serve, asked to rent a car, 5 minutes had the van. Manager told me he would take care of the plane. He would tie it down. Okay cool. Next morning I came to get the plane. He put it in the HANGAR overnight NO EXTRA CHARGE. Very friendly. Would do anything to make your stay better. Still not done!!! I took off for a 5 hour flight to PA. Landed at N94 and realized I had left my laptop at ATP, not good. My medical, EAPIS and other docs in it. ATP had already contacted my office and by the next business day they packed it and had it FedEx home. What a great place. Not to forget the cheapest fuel from my 4 day trip to Haiti. If only there were more FBOs like this.

— Brian Reiff

Great Service!! Friendly and accommodating staff.

— Cessna Centurion

Professional staff met us on the ramp and had our rental cars waiting. Best fuel price in Daytona Beach. Highly Recommended.

— Cessna 560 Citation 5

About ATP Flight School Training Pilots Since 1984

Located inside the ATP Jet Center is ATP’s Daytona Beach Flight Training Center. ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program prepares pilots for airline careers from zero time to 1,500 hours, with CFI jobs and airline employment. Addressing the pilot shortage, airlines attract new pilots to the industry with ATP’s Tuition Reimbursement Program, where airlines sponsor a portion of pilots’ flight training loan repayment. ATP also provides type-rating and ATP CTP certification. ATP’s aircraft fly over 308,000 hours annually to provide over 7,300 FAA pilot certificates and ratings each year. As America’s largest flight school, ATP is the leading supplier of professionally trained pilots to the nation’s regional airlines.

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